The Foundation focuses on:

  • Education, through the funding of Scholarships
  • Poverty and health, through funding specialized NGOs
  • Environment, through communication of policy and practical measures.

In the area of Education we focus on environmental issues.  We believe in going out in the field and seeing first-hand the problems caused by environmental issues.  Research is important, but a person who has “done” things will have a greater chance of bringing about change where and when it is needed.In fighting poverty, we act through selected third parties.  So far and in order to be most effective we have focussed on one country – Argentina. This is due to family connections and that Argentina is the country in which we believe we can make the greatest difference.

Communication of policy on climate change. The key issue is to stabilise the concentration of greenhouse gases at a level set by science rather than political horse-trading.  The foundation therefore supports the principle of Contraction & Convergence (C&C). After years in the wilderness, C&C is increasingly seen as a rational and equitable basis for an effective climate deal. See the website for more information.

Supported Institutions, Charities and Financial Partners

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