In 1991, his son, Pietrojan Gilardini, extended the reach of the Gilardini Foundation by initiating a travel Scholarship for students at Pembroke College Oxford. The Foundation and has since funded several other initiatives.

After a degree in Engineering and Economics from Oxford University, Pietrojan gained an MBA at Columbia University in New York, winning top grades in Environmental Law at Columbia Law School.

His overriding interest is the relationship between humanity and the environment. After he left Oxford, he spent 6 months working for Jacques Cousteau. After Columbia, he worked in private equity (Anacostia and Pacific), at Deutsche Bank for 10 years, returning to Private Equity with Star Capital.

Over the last 4 years he has focussed on wind and solar development and made successful investments in several start-ups including New Energy Finance and in REM, a UK smart metering company.